The Vstage Guide to Hybrid Events


At Vstage, we understand that managing global teams has always presented a cultural and engagement challenge.

The pandemic forcing us all to be online has presented a gift to resolve this difficulty, in accelerating both adoption and capability, enabling organizations to use online platforms to drive their culture, community and engagement.

When the pandemic struck in 2020, organizations were forced to go “virtual”; however, as the world began to open up again, and at different rates, there was a need to examine other ways in which dispersed teams could be brought together to learn, to connect, and to engage with their peers.

Developed by a team of event and technology experts, Vstage is the fully customizable virtual and hybrid event platform that allows organizations to achieve their engagement goals no matter where their target audience is located. 


What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event differs from a virtual event as it is an experience which incorporates both in-person and remote attendees.

While seemingly a relatively new idea, hybrid events have in fact been around for decades. Sporting events and concerts have always been enjoyed remotely, on TV, by a far larger audience than attends in person.

Technology now makes it possible to bring the in-person and remote experience so much closer together. 

What is a hybrid event platform?

A hybrid event platform has the capability to merge the physical and virtual aspects of events.

Vstage is a platform which has been specifically developed to ensure your in-person and remote attendees can both participate and feel on the same level as each other despite attending the experience in very different ways. 

What is the difference between a virtual event & a hybrid event?

Virtual events take place online and use either or a combination of livestreaming and pre-recorded content for an entirely virtual audience. These can be in the form of online meetings, webinars, web conferences, etc.

Hybrid events involve a combination of an in-person and a virtual participant group. There is a physical venue but also an online venue. Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds in terms of hosting an event. 

Why are hybrid events important?

Hybrid events allow you to host an in-person audience as well as a virtual audience from around the world, therefore reaching parts of your target demographic that you may otherwise have missed out on.

Hybrid events also also organizations to reach those who may be unable to attend in-person for various accessibility reasons therefore creating a truly inclusive experience.

By going hybrid, you can extend the reach of your event and open up and create a whole new community for your brand.

5 Benefits to Hosting a Hybrid Event

Expand your reach
and your attendance

By giving your audience the option to be able to attend your event virtually, you increase your chances of a greater reach and higher attendance numbers.

Hosting hybrid events lowers any barrier for attendees who would like to attend but for various reasons cannot.

With our state of the art platform and technology we can partner with a studio of your choosing or recommend one of our global partners. This access to the latest technology, you can stream live or stream pre-recorded content to both your in-person and remote audience. 

Higher and more measurable engagement

Hybrid events allow individuals to participate in the experience on their computers or their mobile devices meaning that while they are watching the event, they can comment, like or send reactions to the content keeping them engaged, entertained, and truly feeling like they are part of the event.

Engagement is at the forefront of Vstage thinking and we have developed numerous ways to keep your virtual audience involved to the same level as your in-person attendees.

Features such as polls, breakout rooms for networking, and even gamification are just some of the participant engagement options you can choose from to customize your event.

Not only does hosting a hybrid event mean you are extending the reach of your event but this also makes it easier to track data such as number of attendees, attendance rates, participant behaviour patterns, etc., all of which give you a greater insight into your target audience.

With Vstage, we can track any key information and run reports specific to your requirements helping you turn insight into action. 

Reduced environmental impact and costs

We are living in an eco-conscious world and all organizations are being encouraged to find ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint.

By creating less of a need to travel, hybrid events are a great way of working towards this without decreasing your event’s “footfall”.

Not only do hybrid events reduce your carbon footprint in terms of air and motor travel, they also lead to less waste in terms of catering and disposable accessories that make up part of running an in-person only event. 

Increased Exposure
for Sponsors

Hybrid events increase your audience reach but they also allow for greater exposure for any sponsors you may have.

Having both an in-person and virtual audience means your sponsors’ brands are reaching more people as well as increasing the longevity of this exposure to participants by having a virtual setting alongside the in-person.

With Vstage your sponsors can be displayed as banners throughout the event or you can opt to provide them their own expo booth.

This promise of more exposure means you can attract the kind of sponsors who complement your own brand and interest your attendees furthering interest and engagement. 

Stronger Networking Opportunities

By going hybrid, you have the ability to bring together the four corners of the world and create a wider, stronger community than you would by just hosting an in-person event.

At a physical event, there are many occasions in which to meet your fellow participants, discuss the event, and make connections so it was key in the development of Vstage to ensure that that your virtual audience was not left behind.

Vstage has all the features you need to provide various forms of networking opportunities; our random mingle function, one-to-one networking, and gamification provide your virtual audience with all the tools required to start a conversation with their fellow attendees. 

Which hybrid events platform should you use?

Every virtual event platform works differently and in order to choose the right one for your organization there are a number of factors to consider.

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Can the platform be customized to embody your brand?

Vstage is 100% customizable which means you can dictate how you want the platform to look in terms of your brand aesthetics and how it works best for your event. 

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Will your audience be engaged?

At Vstage, we understand that the key to a successful hybrid event is interactivity for both the in-person and the remote audience.

When you choose Vstage, you are able to choose from a wide array of features that best suit your event

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Can the platform handle your audience size?

Vstage is capable of hosting events from smaller meetings to large scale conferences.

Different size audience numbers and audience locations were key aspects in the development of Vstage and we can scale it back or scale it up depending on your requirements. 

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User Experience

Is the platform easy to use?

The last thing you need is for your attendees to find difficulty in using your platform of choice.

This would greatly reduce user experience and, in turn, the level of interaction from your virtual attendees.

Vstage is user friendly and can customized to be as basic or as detailed as you would like.

We also provide real time support at all Vstage hosted events so your attendees can be provided assistance at the click of a button. 

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Will your questions be answered?

From ideation to creation to completion, the Vstage team are available to assist you with any queries you may have.

Throughout the event, your attendees have access to real time support from real life people therefore ensuring that no matter their question, it will be answered.

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Will the platform support virtual networking?

At Vstage, we understand that a key component of any event is networking and so we have developed an array of ways in which your virtual participants can network with each other.

Our random mingle function and one-to-one networking features allow remote audiences to "meet up" throughout the event.

Vstage facilitates conversation and community.

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