Expo Booths

Vstage Expo Booths are an excellent addition to your conference, market place, tradeshow or exhibition to showcase an individual, organization, brands, products, ERGs, sponsors or anything else you can think of. 

Booths provide your partners with their own home page during an event, and allows you to host as many booths as your event requires. 

Vstage facilitates exhibitors to showcase themselves both online and at the live event. Allow your partners, sponsors and exhibitors to add Images and videos to their booths customising the content entirely to their brand.

Enable your exhibitor’s by helping them drive traffic to their own website and socials through direct links on each booth.

Vstage empowers booth owners with connections to a potentially global audience, by allowing attendees to join events your partners can host from their booth or more directly through direct messaging and even one-to-one video chats. Vstage Booths also allow attendees to submit their details to the exhibitors to fuel their CMS and be contacted post-event.

Connecting directly from the exhibition hall, workplace or home - Vstage Expo Booths can be operated and accessed from anywhere! Give your partners and sponsors clear and measurable ROI by facilitating enhanced levels of lead generation before during and beyond your events.

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