Vstage, the full 360 service you need to host immersive and engaging virtual events.

Vstage was developed by engagement, event and technology experts so we understand that virtual events are more than simply streaming content. 

Fully Customizable

Fully customizable, Vstage can be altered to 100% fit your organization’s requirements. Colours, features, logos, text, images, online rooms, and videos can all be altered and added as per your preferences. 

Participants need to feel a part of something in order to be engaged and with the wide range of interactive features Vstage offers your attendees will truly feel like they have gained and experienced leaving them with a long lasting impression of your brand.

Stages, chatrooms, virtual photobooths, video galleries, expo booths, random mingle and gamification are only some of the many features Vstage offers and you can select as many or as few as suits your virtual event.

With Vstage, hosting a virtual event has never been so easy. Our stages and expo booths allow your online audience to explore as they would in a real life setting.

Vstage can host any number of attendees from any location with an internet connection around the world.

Participants can comment, send reactions, and interact with each other in real-time.

Polls can be added for further engagement and feedback. All of which can be fed into any reports you need in order to examine and feed into your KPIs. 

Sponsorship banners and sponsorship areas can added ensuring that your event partners are visible and accessible to participants.

Our sponsorship areas and expo booths can be as interactive as you and your partners wish; attendees can submit their details to be contacted or they can reach out and have a live call on the platform with those manning the booths.

Vstage facilitates and champions communication.

A virtual event does not have to be a tick box exercise of log on, watch, and log off for your audience. It can be immersive, engaging, entertaining, interactive, and informative.

Vstage is the platform you need to create, develop, and nurture community and culture for and within your organization.   

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