Vstage, bringing hybrid events to the next level.

Fully customizable, Vstage is an award-winning hybrid event experience, capable of providing an online venue with multiple stages, chatrooms, networking facilities, and even its own photo booth.

Vstage was developed by engagement, event, and technology experts to enable organizations to build culture and engagement across geographically remote teams. With Vstage, you can expand your reach beyond the physical. 

Vstage offers a seamless hybrid event experience ensuring that your remote attendees and in-person attendees have the experience you’ve designed.

Our 360-degree offering, with real people attending your every need, supports both you and your attendees before, during and after the event. 

Vstage offers a simplified interface that can be customized to ensure it has the exact functionality your organisation requires. We can adapt the platform to fully embody your brand.

Hybrid and distance working are now the norm and with this in mind Vstage was developed by engagement, event, and technology experts to enable these organizations to overcome the restraints of the old world in terms of travel and event location selection.

With Vstage, you can expand your reach beyond the physical.

VStage can integrate with your organization’s online environment making it easily accessible to everyone and it can be adapted to fit with all of your specific security requirements ensuring a safe piece of cyberspace for your event.

With our state-of-the-art platform and technology, we can partner with a production studio of your choosing or recommend one of our global partners.

Access to the latest technology allows you to stream live or show pre-recorded content to both your in-person and remote audience.

Our virtual booths allow exhibitors to showcase their digital content in creative and engaging ways while also giving them the opportunity to connect and communicate directly with attendees throughout the event.
When the main event ends, the experience doesn’t have to stop there.

An after-party is another opportunity to strengthen your messages, network, and nurture your relationships both internal and external.
Your live attendees can move to the in-venue event space while your remote attendees can join them virtually from all over the world, keeping them connected to the experience.

Vstage’s virtual photo booth, random mingle and virtual dancefloor features are just some of the ways your at-home audience can stay engaged and entertained.

Throughout the experience, our post-production team will be working on your highlights reel, capturing key and vibrant moments beneficial to your engagement goals and your brand, from both the in-person and virtual venues.

Virtual participants can stay in touch through the event with our instant messaging, comments, reactions, and networking features.

VStage can be customized to host anything from your annual all-hands or all-staff kick-off meetings to monthly ERG sessions and everything in between.

Vstage has the capacity to host hybrid conferences, trade shows with the ability to create sponsorship areas with which to complement your live show giving in-person and remote attendees access to your event partners before, during and after the event. 

We provide real-time analytics during the event and follow up afterwards with a detailed summary specific to your organization’s requirements helping you to turn insights into action.

At VStage, we support you from ideation to creation to completion, bringing your event to the next level with memorable, bespoke branded experiences for all of your attendees.

VStage, helping you to create, connect and engage. 

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