The digital event solution that puts your vision first.

At VStage we support you throughout your digital events, helping you create memorable, uniquely branded experiences for your attendees securely and at scale.

If you need help with an upcoming digital event, or are struggling to navigate hybrid and virtual event delivery contact us and our team would be happy to help.

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Focusing on what is important to you

Every organisation and event is different and your digital solution should reflect that. Our team will help ensure nothing is left unaddressed during your event's lifecycle. Using our proven best practice approaches to hybrid and virtual event delivery, we will help you achieve consistent results that will engage your attendees and impress your stakeholders.

We do this by focusing on 3 key delivery points:

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VStage is a white label platform by design. Give your attendees a digital experiences unique to your creative vision or brand.

VStages feature set is completely customisable allowing you to build as simple or as complex an event as required.

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Total support

Choose the level of support you need relevant to the size, duration and feature set involved.

VStage is capable of connecting an unlimited amount of attendees in any location around the world under one secure platform.

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Drive attendee engagement before, during and after your events with tailored feature sets for different audience types. 

Analyse your events performance effectively by tracking engagement metrics that matter most to you, and understand attendee behaviour. 

Ready for every type of event

Ready to get started? Find out how our team can help you today:

Fully Customizable • Total Support


Drive attendee engagement with tailored feature sets for different events and audience types.  

Networking event

Enable VStage’s built-in attendee connection features allowing direct messaging and video calls between individuals and groups. 

Specific and client-focused

Scale down completely to prioritise the broadcast, disabling and enabling comments and reactions in real time. 

Pre and Post Engagement  

Encourage your attendees preand post-event engagement through early and continued access before and after the event. 


Enable the VStage Photobooth complete with event-specific assets. View photos in the gallery and share your own photos during or after the event. 


Run a VStage poll for live results and engagement numbers. Statistics about the event’s engagement.  


Give your attendees all the information they need through the Landing and Lobby pages. While accessing the pre-event areas attendees can also network with one another. 

Custom CSS 

Our gamification integration brings a huge variety of interactivity that can be utilised to drive attendee engagement and increase the dwell time on the site.

Vstage is a completely customisable virtual event hosting software capable of providing multiple stages, chatrooms, photobooths, networking facilities and the ability to fuse in-person and virtual experiences.